02/02/24 - 02/04/24

Figure Skating
Figure Skating
Lake Placid, NY

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Figure Skating

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02/02/24 - 02/04/24

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2634 Main St.
Lake Placid, NY 12946


Elegance, grace, and beauty. These are just some of the words that describe the sport of figure skating. This art form is separated into four primary events: Single Men’s, Single Women's, Pairs, and Dance. Dependent on the form, competitors will present a rhythm dance and a free dance, or a short program and a free skate.

This competition is open to all eligible, restricted, reinstated, or readmitted persons as defined by the Eligibility Rules, and is a currently registered member of a U.S. Figure Skating member club, a collegiate club, or an individual member in accordance with the current rulebook.

Live Scoring Links (will be live 24 hours before event starts)

Singles https://ijs.usfigureskating.org/leaderboard/results/2024/34036/index.asp
Synchronized https://ijs.usfigureskating.org/leaderboard/results/2024/34060/index.asp


Empire State Winter Games Figure Skating Events will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of U.S. Figure Skating, as set forth in the current rulebook, as well as any pertinent updates which have been posted on the U.S. Figure Skating website.

All skaters must have a New York State affiliation in one or more of the following ways: reside in New York State, attend school in New York State, be a member of a New York State Figure Skating Club or have their primary training location in New York State. Skaters who do not have a State Games in their own state may also compete. Skaters from other states would be classified in the competition as a participant from their own state for the purpose of distribution of invitations for the 2024 State Games of America.
The competition level is the highest test passed as of the entry deadline in the discipline the skater is entering. Entrants may skate one level above that for which they qualify, but they may not skate down in any event. Skaters may only enter ONE level per event. Skaters entering beginner–pre-juvenile events will be divided as closely as possible by age should the number of entries warrant more than one group. The LOC reserves the right to combine levels where there are not enough entries. Synchronized team age and test level eligibility requirements may be found in the US Figure Skating rulebook.


Friday, February 2 - Sunday, February 4
The schedule will be posted at the rink and online – All Day – Lake Placid Olympic Center

*Registration fee includes athlete gift.


Practice ice will only be sold during an Open Sales period. There will be no pre-purchases. Unofficial practice ice (UPI) is not included in your entry fee and can only be purchased through the EMS Competition Portal. Practice ice will b held at the Olympic Center and will be limited. Information regarding practice ice will also be emailed out to all competitors and posted on the event website. There will be no practice ice for synchro.

All practice ice information will be available online and will also be e-mailed to all the registered competitors. This information will be made obtainable as soon as possible.


Competitors participating in events with music are required to upload their music to EMS.


Competitors participating in events using the IJS Scoring System are required to upload their PPCs to EMS.


All athletes must check in at the Empire State Winter Games athlete check-in location.
Athletes should also make sure to check in with the ice monitor before each event. There will be a figure skating information desk. Awards schedules, practice ice information, and results will be available at the desk. Coaches should check in at the figure skating information desk prior to their first event to receive a credential.


U.S. Figure Skating, the Skating Club of Lake Placid, and the NYS Olympic Regional Development Authority accept no responsibility for injury or damage sustained by any participant in this competition. This is in accordance with Rule 1600 of the official U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook.


Medals will be awarded for 1st-3rd places in contested events. An awards schedule will be available at the figure skating information desk.