02/01/2025 @ 10 am

Paul Smith's College

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Sat, February 1, 2025 @ 10 am

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Paul Smith's College

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For any questions or additional information, please contact Jim Tucker
via email at info@empirestatewintergames.com or by calling


Sprint your way through the snow and lunge across the finish line! Runners must strike a delicate balance between speed and light-footedness as they move quickly through the snow without breaking the hard surface. Special racing snowshoes disperse the runner’s weight evenly, and feature spikes under the foot holds so runners can launch forward at the start gun and sprint toward the finish. Snowshoeing consists of four separate events: 100-meter dash, 400-meter dash, 800-meter dash, and the 5k. For more information on snowshoeing, contact info@empirestatewintergames.com.

Bib Pick-Up/Snowshoe Sprints:  Bib pickup for the snowshoe sprints in the morning will be in the lobby of the Saunders Gymnasium on the Paul Smith’s College campus.  Paul Smith’s College is at the junctions of State Routes 86 & 30, about 35 minutes from Lake Placid.  Once you enter the campus from the intersection, park to your RIGHT, next to the Administration Building.  The Saunders Gymnasium is located directly across the entrance from the Administration Building.

Snowshoe Sprint Location:  The snowshoe sprints are held at the Paul Smith’s College soccer field, located directly across from the Paul Smiths – Gabriels Volunteer Fire Department.  As you depart the campus with your snowshoe race bib, water, snack food and family, head across State Route 30 and directly onto State Route 86.  The entrance to the soccer field will be about .25 miles from the campus and to your LEFT.  There is a short/steep snow-covered hill climb (40 meters), and then it plateaus into a small parking lot.

5K Snowshoe Race Venue:  The Empire State Games 5K snowshoe race will take place at the Paul Smith’s College VIC, located just north of the campus (about 1 mile from the primary entrance described above) directly off State Route 30.  The physical address:  8023 State Route 30, Paul Smiths, NY.  The parking lot is about 150 meters from the large VIC building, and registration will take place in the Atrium, located to the LEFT past the lobby.  The bathrooms are also to your left, as soon as you entered the VIC.



Saturday, February 1

8:00 AM

Snowshoe sprint registration begins

8:45 AM

Track preparation begins

9:30 AM

Sprint registration closes

10:00 AM

800 Meter Snowshoe Race begins for Women

10:15 AM

800 Meter Snowshoe Race begins for Men

10:25 AM

Track Preparation for the 100 Meters

10:35 AM

100 Meters – 14 and under women/men; 15 - 19 women/men; 20 – 29 women/men; 30 – 39 women/men; 40 – 49 women/men; 50 – 59 women/men; 60+ women/men

11:00 AM

400 Meters – 14 and under women/men; 15 - 19 women/men; 20 – 29 women/men; 30 – 39 women/men; 40 – 49 women/men; 50 – 59 women/men; 60+ women/men

11:30 AM

Snowshoe sprint awards.  Will be done on site if weather allows.  Otherwise, the awards ceremony will be held in the Saunders Sports Complex.

12:30 – 1:45 PM

5K race registration at the Paul Smith’s College VIC

2:00 PM

5K cross country Snowshoe Race starts at the Paul Smith’s College VIC

3:00 PM

5K Awards at the Paul Smith’s College VIC

*All schedules are subject to change



Scholastic: $65

Masters: $75


Age Group Classes (DOB):  
U – 15:  after Feb 3, 20010
15 – 19: Before Feb 3, 2010 and after Feb 3, 2006.
20 – 29: Before Feb 3, 2006 and after February 3, 1995
30 - 39: Before February 3, 1995 and after February 3, 1985
40 – 49: Before February 3, 1985 and after February 3, 1975.
50 – 59: Before February 5, 1975 and after February 3, 1965.
60+:  Before February 3, 1965.


Entry fees are nonrefundable. While registering, please double-check the competition dates and qualification requirements. Depending on the circumstances, a refund may be considered in the case of a medical emergency.