03/11/2023 @ 9:00 am

Ski Jumping / Nordic Combined
Ski Jumping / Nordic Combined
Olympic Jumping Complex
Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
Last Name 
First Name 
Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
B. Carley 17 female Norfolk CT
B. Miles 10 male Guilford VT
B. Max 14 male Guilford VT
B. Edward 12 male Seymour CT
B. Victoria 14 female Seymour CT
B. Myles 9 male Brattleboro VT
C. Caroline 13 female Hanover NH
C. Catherine 9 female Hanover NH
C. Sebastian 15 male Concord NH
C. Will 14 male Lake Placid NY
C. Adalynn 12 female Lake Placid NY
C. Caleb 16 male Lake Placid NY
C. Dylan 11 male Lyme NH
C. Cadel 15 male Peterborough NH
C. Cadel 15 male Peterborough NH
Eli Mansur 18 male Fairlee VT
F. Max 13 male Lake Placid NY
F. Leila 12 female Lake Placid NY
G. Hailey 16 female Campton NH
G. Ethan 9 male Lexington MA
J. Spe 13 male Putney VT
J. Ava 12 female Brattleboro VT
K. Wyatt 17 male Andover NH
K. Jack 17 male Delmar NY
L. Eli 14 male Plattsburgh NY
L. Wesley 13 male Hinsdale NH
L. Nathan 17 male Plymouth NH
M. Connor 14 male Lake Placid NY
M. Elet 9 male Bethel VT
M. Galen 11 male Bethel VT
M. Stinson 15 male Whitefield NH
O. Celia 14 female Sunapee NH
O. Elliot 11 male Etna NH
R. Paisley 13 female Lebanon NH
R. Mychal 16 male Andover NH
S. Will 10 male Lake Placid NY
S. Quin 12 male Lakeville CT
S. Islay 14 female Lakeville CT
S. Benton 16 male Canaan NH
S. Torin 9 male Hanover NH
S. Conrad 11 male Hanover NH
S. Isabelle 7 female Lake Placid NY
T. Elva 11 female Strafford VT
T. Otto 9 male Strafford VT
T. Timothy 12 male Canaan NH
T. Matthew 15 male Canaan NH
Tole Sean 18 female Campton NH
V. Austin 17 male Loudon NH
V. Duncan 15 male Lake Placid NY
W. David 12 male Norwich VT
W. Adalina 8 female Lake Placid NY
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